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DAKIMAKURA commissions

Fully rendered and detailed illustrations designed for body pillow covers.

Price may increase for complex designs.

STATUS: closed (no ETA)


2 different pose illustrations + simple bed sheet background

Price: 2500 USD

+ 75 USD for a rendered background
+ 75 USD for extra version: nude or alt outfit (additional file)


information and terms of service

Last updated: May 3, 2023

By requesting a commission, the commissioner agrees to all Terms of Service.

The terms the artist and commissioner are subject to are recorded in the invoice.

(APPLIES TO dakimakura commissions ONLY)

Minus PNG.png
  • Full payment is required via PayPal before I begin your commission.

  • I reserve the rights to use any commissioned work on my websites, social networking sites, videos, streams, for promotional purposes, future artbooks, Patreon, and Gumroad. If the commission is anime/game fan art (ex. Genshin, Re:Zero, etc), I may use it for future merchandise sales.

  • I reserve the rights to stream the art process and to post process screenshots & final images to my social networking sites, portfolio, and websites.

  • If a privacy contract/NDA has been signed, I, the artist, will abide by the articles listed in the contract, and I will not share any deliverables until a date set by the commissioner.

  • The commissioner may use the artwork for personal use. You may share and promote yourself on social media, use as profile pictures/banners on social media, and print for yourself.

  • No resale or minting my artwork for NFTs or any crypto-currency related activities. My art may not be used for any AI-related activities.

  • Please directly credit @_lilnoot on Twitter in the panels, bio, description, or other related spaces.

  • Do not steal, trace, edit, sell, or claim my work as your own.

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  1. Send arequest with written and visual references. I do not provide character design services nor work from written-only descriptions or mood boards.

  2. I accept or decline the commission request, ask any additional clarifying questions, and provide a price quote.

  3. The commissioner may accept or decline further collaboration. If accepted, I will send a PayPal invoice to the provided email address.

  4. Depending on the commission, it takes roughly 3 weeks to 3 months to deliver the final files upon receiving payment. If during the process I find that it may take longer, I will notify the commissioner immediately. You can track the commission progress through the queue.

  5. At least 3 revision opportunities are provided: 1 major revision during the sketching stage (ex. pose alterations, adding/removing large elements) and 2 minor during and after the coloring stage (color changes, slight repositioning, adding/removing small elements).

  6. I will fix character design errors for free as long as clear references are provided when the commission is requested.
    Other revisions may incur extra fees.

  7. After the commission request is finalized by both the commissioner and the artist, no more revisions can be made. If the commissioner fails to respond to revision approvals after 2 weeks, the commission is considered complete. After completion, I am not responsible for storing the finished work, and may not be able to deliver it again in case it is lost after delivery is confirmed.

Request    →   Payment    →   Sketch    →   Line Art    →   Coloring   →    Post-processing   →    Final Check    →   Complete

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Request for privacy contracts/NDAs available for business inquiries only.

For individual/personal commissions, they may be streamed, shared on social media, my portfolio, or any other websites. However, the commissioner may request I keep their name and relating information private for up to 6 months from the final delivery date for no additional fees.


Commercial Licenses

Type A - 1.5x Price | promotional material and branding (Twitch/YouTube usage, online shop or branded website) 

Ex. Using on stream as an asset, scene illustration, video thumbnail, shop banner, or in a monetized promotional video

Using in a stream schedule, as a profile/banner on social media, posting on social media does NOT require a commercial license.

Type B - 2x Price | merchandise and bulk production

Purchasing Type B will grant you the rights of Type A.

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100% Refund | any time before I notify the client that I have begun their commission
75% Refund | during the sketching stage
At any point after the sketching stage, the client will not receive a refund unless I determine I cannot finish the remainder of the commission. In this situation, I will provide a refund amount quote depending on the amount of work already completed.

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