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How do I commission you?

When commissions are open, send details and references via email, Twitter, or through the Google Forms application (if available). You can find more information about commissions under the "COMMISSION" menu tab.

Can I be added to your waitlist?

For larger commission types (ex. illustrations or Vtuber models), I do not have a waitlist. To track my queue, please see my Trello.


When do you open commissions?

For commission openings, subscribe to my update emails HERE. I also announce on Twitter, Twitch, and Discord. Commissions are not first-come-first-serve and are usually open for 1-2 weeks at least.

Can you do this [commission idea] ? How much would it cost?

When commissions are closed, I cannot provide reviews of your requests/ideas or price estimates. The best place for an estimate is to check the respective commission page. 

Do you accept commercial work?

Yes! I have two types of commercial licenses. Anything else can be discussed!

Type A - 1.5x Price: promotional material and branding (Twitch/YouTube usage, online shop or branded website) Ex. Using on stream as an asset, scene illustration, video thumbnail, shop banner, or in a monetized promotional video.

Type B - 2x Price: merchandise and bulk production,  Type B grants you rights of Type A

NOTE: using your commission in a stream schedule, as a profile/banner on social media, posting on social media does NOT require a commercial license.

Do you take payment plans?

I take payment plans for Vtuber model commissions only. You can either: A. Pay in full before I begin your commission; or B. Pay 50%+ of the total price before I begin your commission, then the remainder before I begin cutting.

Do you accept refunds?

I provide a 100% refund any time before I notify the client that I have begun their commission and a 75% refund during the sketching stage. At any point after the sketching stage, the commissioner does not receive a refund unless I determine I cannot finish the remainder of the commission. In this situation, I will provide a refund amount quote depending on the work already completed.

How long does it take you to draw?

Most of my illustrations take 15-30 hours each whereas Vtuber models take hundreds of hours over the course of months.

Do you draw guys?

While I can and have drawn male characters, I don't accept commissions for them.


Do you have merch or sell prints?
Not currently. It is one of my biggest goals to sell merchandise and prints, but I still consider myself new with lots of art left to make before I am ready to open up shop!

I have more questions! Where do I ask?

After reading the FAQ & commission info, you can email me at
I will try my best to respond in 1-3 working days. If it's taken longer, please do not hesitate to resend your message.

Note: any DMs on Twitter may automatically be filtered out, so I am more likely to accidently miss your message there.

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