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Price: 3000 USD

Fully rendered and highly detailed full body models with detailed layer separation created for mid to advanced rigging.

Delivery: approximately 2-4 months (depending on complexity)


Requests are currently application based, not FCFS, and no waitlist.

Status: CLOSED

Next opening: Late Spring - Summer



  • a PSD file with model layers separated for the rigger

  • commercial pricing and processing fees

  • heart eyes, sad, angry, tongue out, and 2 facial expressions of your choice

  • a full resolution PNG file with transparent background

  • a frontal character sheet with full body and bust up model

  • free cutting revisions when requested by the rigger

  • my utmost passion and priority


  • ​20-50 USD per additional expression

  • 100 USD+ per arm toggle

  • 150 USD+ per hairstyle

  • 200 USD+ pets/large items

  • 250 USD+ per additional outfit

  • 300 USD nude base (no 18+ parts) - best if you plan to have future outfits

  • 300 USD+ custom design services

    • I will fully conceptualize your model's design sketch through 2-4 passes​

    • - the final sketch will then be rendered and cut to be your finalized Vtuber model

    • - best for those without full frontal character reference

  • 450 USD full reference sheet​

    • - front (model art), back, side, headshot, and details​

    • - simplified shading style


  • Live2D rigging

  • back/side view character sheet

information and terms of service

Last updated: August 6th, 2022

By requesting a commission, the commissioner agrees to all Terms of Service.

The terms the artist and commissioner are subject to are recorded in the invoice.


Minus PNG.png
  • At least 50% of the total payment is required via PayPal before I begin your commission. The other 50% is required before I begin cutting (the art layer separation process).

  • I reserve the rights to stream and promote the art and to post process screenshots & final images to my social networking sites, portfolio, websites, artbooks, and Patreon.

  • Due to the nature of my working process, privacy contracts are not accepted. However, the commissioner may request I keep their name/username and identifying information private for up to 6 months from the final delivery date for no extra fees.

  • Commercial licensing is included in the Vtuber model price. The commissioner can use their model to promote themselves on Twitch ,YouTube, other streaming platforms, and social media.

  • Rigger requests to fix errors in layer separation are completed with no extra charges.

  • I will fix errors in accurately illustrating the character's design for free as long as clear references are provided when the commission is requested. Ex. Your reference includes a hair accessory that I did not include in the model art. Any other revisions may incur extra fees.

  • You or the rigger may make simple recolors or resizing to the model. For any other edits, please obtain permission first.

  • No resale or minting my artwork for NFTs or any crypto-currency related activities. If the commissioner can no longer use the model, request and obtain permission from me before reselling/redistributing.

  • Please directly credit @_lilnoot on Twitter in the panels, bio, description, or other related spaces.

  • Do not steal, trace, edit, sell, or claim my work as your own.

Minus PNG.png
  1. When commissions are open, send a request via Google Forms application.
    Please provide a clear request with relevant details, written descriptions, and character references. I do not provide character design services nor work from written-only descriptions or mood boards.

  2. I reach out to the selected commissioner, ask any additional clarifying questions, and provide a price quote.

  3. I will send a PayPal invoice to the provided email address. The commissioner must pay at least 50% of the total price before I begin working. 

  4. It takes roughly 2 months to 3 months to deliver the final files upon receiving payment. If during the process I find that it may take longer, I will notify the commissioner immediately. You can track the commission progress through the queue.

  5. I will send you the sketch for any revisions. It is crucial that you notify me of any major changes during sketching because I cannot make any extensive edits after beginning the line art. I will send you regular visual and written updates when making progress on your model. Feel free to request small changes during these updates (ex. color changes, slight repositioning, adding/removing small elements, etc).

  6. I require the rest of payment (if you did not already pay in full) before the cutting process. I also need to know your desired rigger. Feel free to ask for rig suggestions!

  7. I begin communication with the rigger and start the cutting process. I do not charge extra if the rigger requests changes in cutting.

  8. After the commission request has been finalized by both the commissioner and the artist, no more revisions can be made. If the commissioner fails to respond to revision approvals after 2 weeks, the commission is considered complete.

Request    →   50%+ of Payment    →   Sketch    →   Line Art    →   Coloring

Any Remaining Payment  →    Cutting    →    Final Check    →   Complete

Minus PNG.png

100% Refund | any time before I notify the client that I have begun their commission

75% Refund | during the sketching stage

At any point after the sketching stage (line art, coloring, background, layer separation, post processing, etc), the client will NOT receive a refund unless I determine I cannot finish the remainder of the commission. In this situation, I will determine and provide a refund amount quote depending on the work already completed.

Minus PNG.png

WILL NOT DRAW: male/masculine characters, mechanical parts, anthropomorphic characters, furries, gore, or offensive material

Applications are selected primarily based on character design. I am more likely to work with a design that shows some skin as this play to my artistic strengths. However, I can work with almost any theme given clear references.

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