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Hi there, I'm Nootie!

I am a freelance illustrator and penguin Vtuber living in the States. I graduated with my B.F.A. in 2021. My focus includes drawing cute and pinup-style artwork of other Vtubers and characters! 

Originally, I was a part of a little penguin colony before I got distracted by a nice pair of thighs and lost my way... the thighs were just so inspiring, that I went on a hunt for a drawing tablet to illustrate all that captivated my heart!

Please contact me by email for commissions and other freelance inquiries.

How long have you been drawing?

I took drawing, painting, and other art courses in high school and university. Much of my background is in formal studio art classes. I first started creating anime-style art in Summer 2020 after I watched my first episode of Rising of the Shield Hero and immediately became a weeb. Just a year later, I'm now drawing cute anime girls for a living!

What do you like to draw?

I love drawing Vtubers! Ever since I started making anime art, I wanted to become a Vtuber mama, and now my dreams have come true! Other than this, I especially like ecchi-style art with a focus on beautiful skin shading and cute yet spicy poses.

What do you use to draw?

Wacom Cintiq 16 and Clip Studio Paint Pro

What brushes and canvas size do you use?

G-pen for sketch/lineart, airbrush for color-blocking and soft shading, wasapaint for detailed shading 

For canvas size, it depends on the purpose of the artwork, but most illustrations are A3 at 350 DPI.

Vtuber models are usually 6000 x 10000 px.

Who made your Vtuber model?

I designed and drew my model in January 2020. It was rigged by the loveliest Sae-mama! ♡

Got more questions? Join the Nootie Discord and ask away in #ask-nootie channel!

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